Samsung Galaxy S8 Release date, Specifications and Price

So last year, we have seen two giant smartphones from Samsung, Galaxy S7 and Note 7 and now we are entering into new year with hope for more surpassing smartphone. Samsung has already started their work on next Galaxy S flagship smartphone’s, most probably we are going to call them Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus. In 2016, we have have seen many best mobile device. We can say it was a year of choices because hardware specs on many high end device are same but & more relays on your taste. Galaxy S7, LG G5, HTC 10 are few device that we have seen in 1st Quarter while iPhone 7 & 7 Plus in Sept. This year also we are expecting to see few good flagship device somewhere around MWC. However the company has not revealed any info for their plans, but with new Design and powerful specs Galaxy S8 will biggest hit in 2017 by Samsung. Samsung’s Galaxy S7 series has been tremendous last year and gained large pool of new customers and 2017 is going to be far better with Galaxy S8.

Meanwhile Samsung has already started their 2017 with announcing redefined Galaxy A series at CES.

So, what Next!.  Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus / Edge are going to be next flagship smartphone of 2017. Here we are going to take detailed look on Galaxy S8 Specs, Rumours, release date and price aspects. So, stay tuned with us.

Samsung Galaxy S8 & Galaxy S8 Plus Release date

Let’s begin with S8 release date rumours, this year company has launch S7 & S7 Edge in the month of Feb with MWC 2016. However the they are available for sale in March. Talking about MWC 2017, initial rumours of Galaxy S8 release date says that Samsung may take a bit longer to bring its next flagship. We are not going to see GalaxyS8 in MWC as after the Galaxy Note 7 blast year, Samsung is much concerned about its flagship device. That why this time Samsung will double check S8 before launching in market and hence some delay is usual.


So, far this year we are going to have two big smartphones. The GalaxyS8 with 5.7 inch display will feature more edgy look. However Galaxy S8 Plus will come in 6.3 inch size you will not have any problem in using it. According to few reports Samsung is working on its marketing strategy to boost the sales with delaying the release date which might be a right decision as it will give sufficient time for testing as well. So, for now we are settling on April as releasing month for GalaxyS8 and GalaxyS8 Plus / Edge.

GalaxyS8 is rumoured with various designs and concepts. The latest design renders slimmer S7 edge with discarding Home button from front pane. However from long time we are also hearing for a foldable Galaxy Smartphone. You can check out both Samsung Galaxy S8 Concept Images below.

Samsung Galaxy S8  samsung galaxy s8

Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumours:

This year Samsung has launched Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone with 5.3 and 5.5 inch AMOLED always-on display and now we are expecting even bigger display. Going with tradition, Samsung Galaxy S8 will have similar design with more refinement and Galaxy S8 Edge with dual edges as we have seen with Galaxy Note 7. The S8 is supposed to offer stylus as well. It will also have improved Iris Eye Scanner which will work lightening fast.

Update: Samsung is working on its new AMOLED display 2017, which can be part of its upcoming Galaxy S8 flagship. The new display is going to features more colors, self-luminous, better view-angles and apart from that its will save your battery life upto 40%. Samsung have recently posted few videos on their Korean channel, you can check those videos below:

As per one more report, Samsung can rename its Edge phablet with Samsung S8 (Plus/Edge) and will make GalaxyS8 with Edge whereas Plus variant will differ in size with holding all the specs. But this is just a rumor we are still 4 months away from official release. So, there is plenty of time in Samsung S8 release.

Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S7 is a beautiful device with having AMOLED surface but future is much better. The S8 will have OLED display having 4k resolution. We have waited a lot to see 4k resolution display, the phone is also rumoured to get 3D touch. Samsung Galaxy S8 may have increased body to display ratio to 90% which will certainly leads to better design. Both phones are supposed to have 4G LTE and hybrid SIM tray.

The upcoming Galaxy S Smartphone will run on Snapdragon 830 and Exynos 8895 chipset which are rumoured to be next generation 64bit mobile processors. Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor is under testing as per the earlier reports, while as per rumours Samsung is working on improving Exynos SoC’s. With this new SoC we are quite sure for major improvements in power consumptions of Galaxy S8 and improvement in performance as they supports 6/8GB RAM. Below you will find an expected specification list for next Galaxy that can be blueprint for upcoming Galaxy flagship.

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Samsung Galaxy S8: Full Specifications (Expected)

Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Edge will have powerful specs. Its going to run on Snapdragon 835 / Exynos 8895 chipset with 6/8 GB RAM which is further going to extend the performance. What we think is Samsung will release Galaxy S8 with 6GB RAM and Galaxy S8 Plus/Edge variant with 8GB RAM configuration which can great deal in differentiating S* Edge from the base model. Below you can check expected specifications for Galaxy S8:

Model NameGalaxy S8Galaxy S8 Plus / Galaxy S8 Edge
Display5.3 inch OLED, 4K Resolution,
Always-on Display
5.7 inch OLED, 4K Resolution,
Always-on Display
Storage64 GB, 256GB Micro SD Support64GB, 256GB Micro SD Support
ProcessorSnapdragon 835, Exynos 8895Snapdragon 835, Exynos 8895
ProtectionIP68 Certified Water & Dust resistanceIP68
Operating SystemAndroid N (v7.0 Naught)Android v7.0
Camera16 MP Primary, 8 MP front16 MP, 8MP
Iris Eye Scanner, SpO2, Heart Rate,
Pedometer, Barometer,
Bluetooth 5.0, Wi-Fi Direct, NFC etc.
Iris scanner, fingerprint,
accelerometer, gyro, proximity,
compass, Bluetooth 5.0,
barometer, heart rate, SpO2
Battery3600 mAh Non-Removable 4200 mAh Non-Removable

However the above specifications are not official the Samsung S8 is going to really a high end smartphone with great customisation. The mentioned specs of Galaxy S8 are based on reports, rumours are also predicting IR Blaster, Iris Eye Scanner out of which we can surely say that it will have Iris Eye Scanner. As the company has mastered the IRIS Eye Scanner with Note 7. We will update you with full specs list soon as Samsung makes any official announcement.

What’s New with
Galaxy S8 / Galaxy S8 Edge / Galaxy S8 Plus?

Well the most innovative things that we can expected from Samsung Galaxy S8 is foldable design which still give us the feel of high end smartphone as well as tablet. It will have more new features that Galaxy S7 has not able to deliver this year. Few of them are:

  • IR Blaster
  • NEW Super AMOLED
  • Bixby (Digital Assistant)
  • Quick Charge
  • Iris Eye Scanner
  • 4k Resolution
  • Foldable design
  • Li-Fi

Samsung is working on a digital assistant for its next Flagship. The Galaxy S8 Series will come with “Bixby” with which you can use your smartphones with voice like we have seen with Apple Siri, Google Voice Assistant and Cortana (Microsoft).

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Price (Expected)

Well as we have seen this year company has released Galaxy S7 with a price of $699 USD which is quite fairly competitive. LG has also released their LG G5 flagship at a similar price which clearly indicated that to remain in market you should offer a best price. We are hoping that Galaxy S8 will cost you in range of $900 – $1000 USD considering a foldable design. But still its just a rumoured price we can’t say anything till the official launch. Here we have an expected country wise price table for upcoming Galaxy S8 and GalaxyS8 Edge / GalaxyS8 Plus Smartphone.

Country NameGalaxy S8 PriceGalaxy S8 Plus Price 
GalaxyS8 Price in USA$900 USD$1000 USD
Price in United Kingdom700 Pound770 Pound
Price in Canada1160 CAD1290 CAD
Price in Russia57540 Ruble64000 Ruble
Price in Australia1170 AUD1300 AUD
Price in Dubai (UAE)3300 Dirham3680 Dirham
Price in India60000 INR66800 INR
Price in Germany800 Euro895 Euro
Price in China5980 Yuan6630 Yuan
Price in Japan91100 Yen101200 Yen
Price in South Korea98700 KRW1096700 KRW

## The above mentioned price can vary depending on your carrier and offers.

Earlier the release date for Samsung GalaxyS8 is expected to be with MWC 2017 event which is scheduled to held in February 27 – March 2, 2017. But now its time to reconsider it as major reports are pointing towards a short delay Samsung Galaxy S8 release. Yes, Now we are its rumoured to get release note in mid April and will be available by end of the month. Till then we have to wait and see what Samsung has to offer in 2017. Meanwhile Samsung has release Galaxy Gear S3 SmartWatch in IFA 2016.

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  1. i love this amazing smartphone 🙂

  2. candy

    I can only hope that they do SOMETHING to make it great again….or as much as i dont want to , Ill have to go to Apple……… 🙁

    • Hi Candy, i am dam sure you don’t need to go with Apple’s way this year. Samsung Galaxy S8 is going to be outstanding device and will features amazing features. I am using Galaxy S7 Edge from past 8 months and its damm beautiful smartphone and works like a charm.

  3. Nazeer

    Galaxy s8 no finger print password?????

  4. Danny

    IR blaster or i will go to LG….people have No idea how usefull this feature is bc Samsung never mentions is in their marketing……sooooooo stupid of them…my buddys with iphones envy that feature when we are at restaurants and sports bars…. Bring it back, fruitys….i never bought anything past my Note 4 because they removed it.

  5. Betty Keithley

    I hope so. I turned my galaxy s7 note. Wish I would have kept it. Now we have the 8 coming out. I want it big like the galaxy note 7 I have galaxy 7 edge dont like it at all. It flashes and when i look some thing up on google I type it and instead of the page i wanted it went back to beginning. It rolls up when i am reading something and i half to start over. Goofy phone

  6. shaaki

    i just hope they add IR feature in upcoming S8 , i will die without that , it is real deal breaker.

    • emmawilliam834

      The latest leaks point Samsung Galaxy S8 display rumored to carry 4K resolution and support for VR , a mini projector, 6GB of RAM, a 30MP camera, an enormous battery and a supercharged processor. The S8 may also launch ahead of schedule and may ditch flat screens altogether, with comments by Samsung executives suggesting that all models will have curves, while sources claim the company has already started ordering curved panels in two sizes.

  7. kim Griffiths

    That means that the Note 7 is just like a 6+ with a pen!

  8. Alex

    Samsung will never go back to remoable battery! I’m not sure if this dual screen crap is good idea or not, but I rather not! Please leave that alone Samsung.

  9. Imran

    Wao amazing mb. Phone. M waiting

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    I saw no mention of the battery Mahoney or if it was removable

  11. naresh

    your °s° tag smartphone have low free ram i hope keep 67% free ram in galaxy s8. main thing is price, all new brand offer too low price then samsung with approcly same heardware capicity. improw BATTERY and CAMERA capicity. cpu ang gpu throtling is main deadvantage after S5. thanks

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    Something big is really coming…

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    Wow your article is really good, S8 is the best upcoming smartphone from the Samsung

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