Samsung Gear S4 Release date, Specs, Price, Features & Rumours

Samsung Galaxy S4 Watch: Samsung went with a bigger design, more sporty features and two versions with Gear S3 Smartwatch. Later they launched Galaxy Watch even bigger and better than we have seen with S3. The Gear S3 bought something for fitness lovers and admirers of classic-looking watches. Well, there a lot waiting to come with Galaxy S4 Watch. We still got that great rotating bezel that we’re big fans of and Tizen running the OS show. The Gear S4 SmartWatch will likely land before the end of the year, and here’s what it might look like. Samsung is preparing two variants as they have launched last year. This year as well we are going to see Gear S4 classic and S4 Frontier variants. Samsung is about to launch its Galaxy S10 Series on Feb 20, its one of the top-notch high end smartphone. The release date for Gear S4 is not far from here, we might find it somewhere in a couple of months. In this article, we will discuss the Samsung Gear S4 release date, rumors, specs, and features of it.

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Samsung Gear S4 Rumours and Leaks

The company is planning to release Samsung Gear S4 in late 2019. Probably we will see it with the launch of Galaxy Note 10 Phablet. There are many rumors floating around that Samsung Gear S4 is the replacement of Samsung Gear S2. Samsung has been already announced that it is ready to begin mass production of the Exynos 7 Dual 7270 processor in early 2017. This processor will be the most likely candidate to power the next generation smartwatch. This processor is faster than its predecessor and includes a smaller 4G LTE modem.

As far as the design goes, many currently believe that it will share many similarities with the S3. Samsung will continue to improve the software running on the smartwatch. The S3 was stylish and feature rich but had a touch problematic to use at times. But this time it is expected that improvements to the software should remedy this problem and probably expect the company to roll these changes out with the Samsung Gear S4. While at the same time bringing the software improvements to the S3 as well. Recently the details about the Samsung Gear_S4 are pretty sketchy, but it will hit store shelves sometime this year. Still, the S3 is a good watch but there are some design improvements that need to be made, and it appears Samsung plans to solve these problems with the next version of the smartwatch. It should make a perfect addition to their new line of products in the new year. Still, we don’t know too much about this device, if the processor is any indicator, it could end up with a powerful and slim device.

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Samsung Gear S4 Specs and Features

Samsung Gear S4 smartwatch is going to be really outstanding watch featuring amazing spec, new apps, games as well, and beautiful look itself make it most promising smartwatch ever. Let’s take a look at Gear S4 Specifications here:

Display1.3 / 1.5 inches Infinity Display,
Always-On Display
ProtectionIP68 Dust and Water Resistance,
Rotating Bezel Protection,
Corning Gorilla Glass 5
OSTizen-Based Wearable Platform
Processor1.2 GHz Exynos 7270 SoC
Memory1.5GB RAM, 4 / 8GB Storage
FeaturesA-GPS, NFC, Smart Sleep Alarm, Wireless charging, Photo Viewer,
OthersFile sharing, Email, Messages Sensors,
GPS Based Speedometer, Altimeter, Accelerometer,
Gyro, SpO2, Heart Rate, Barometer, Pedometer
Battery380 mAh Li-ion Battery, fast charging
VariantClassic and Frontier

# The above-mentioned specs are completely based on the present reports and leaks. However, these features and specs are further speculated by our experts and hope that Samsung will have these features in the upcoming Gear Smartwatch.

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Gear S4 SmartWatch features

1.5 inches Screen Size: This year Samsung GearS4 should come with 1.5 inch variant for people having larger wrist size.

Better Voice Integration over Watch: Samsung has implanted its SVoice application and this time it would upgrade its SVoice to next level as Google Voice Search.

Sleep Monitoring and Alarm: It will have an upgraded Sleep monitoring system that will automatically calculate and recommend sleep hours according to a number of calories burn and present health data with a powerful alarm system with Samsung GearS4.

Samsung Pay: The S4 will be focused on giving you a complete solution for mobile payments via your smartwatch. It will have NFC and Samsung Pay app that will do the whole job hassle-free.

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Will Gear S4 will be compatible with Apple iOS?

Well, the upcoming Gear S4 will be compatible with fancy Apple iPhone’s. Samsung has already made their Gear S2 and Geat S3 Smartwatches compatible with it but not they will give more functionality. Like, now apart from using Samsung Pay and Emails GearS4 will be compatible with all its feature when you connect it to an iPhone. Samsung has made its smartwatches super compatible with any smartphone via the Samsung Cross Platform Gear Manager App. Below is a table which can give you more insight into the functions and feature that will be compatible with Apple iOS devices.

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Samsung Gear S4 Release Date & Price

The last Samsung watch was announced at the end of August last year, though didn’t go on sale until November. On the basis of the previous year’s launched, we can expect that Samsung will drop the GearS4 around the same time. Perhaps using IFA once again to make a grand entrance. buying if it includes all these features. Now if we talk about the cost price of the upcoming watch Samsung Gear S4, expected to cost around $600 USD(approx).

So, still, we have a lot of time for Gear S4 rumors. We are going to update with the latest news and leaks here. Till now have a look at Gear S3 review:

The Galaxy S4 Smartwatch is full of tech with new features as listed above. We expect from Samsung to full fill our demands with its next launch. However, currently the Galaxy Watch doing pretty decent job for me. Its beauty of its own kind, pretty much decent battery life, accurate health data and notification all i need in day to day life and its doing everything up to mark.

I hope you guys will like this article. If you have any queries or thoughts you can share with us and for this, you are requested to come in the comment section below. If we will get any other information about the upcoming smartwatch Samsung Gear S4, will give the updates.

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