Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2 Specifications, Price & Release date

Samsung is one of the leading brands when it comes to electronics and more of gadgets. They are well known for producing best tablets HDTVs and fabulous Smartphone. This year company has launched their high performing flagship with Galaxy S6 and Note 5 Smartphone’s, which are really top notch mobile devices you have ever seen. In Sept, 2014 the company has launched their Galaxy Note Edge Smartphone which has shown some sign of innovations with having a superb design and powerful specs. Now, the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge2 Smartphone is rumoured, and you will be happy to know this time Note Edge 2 has got far better specs and will be more affordable as money matters a lot!.

Last year with Galaxy Note Edge, Samsung has bought a new innovative design to us. Giving more power and customisation in our hands with Edge Swipe panel at the right side of the display.

So far there are 4 big Smartphone’s that Samsung is going to release in 2016. Two of them will be high-end flagship Smartphone while other two are affordable high-performance mobile phones. You can check next big phones under Galaxy lineup from below:

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Here we have complete specifications, price and release details of Samsung Galaxy Note Edge2 Smartphone. But these can be a matter of change or update as the phone is not announced till now. Here we are going to present expected specification and price details of Galaxy Note Edge 2 Smartphone.

Galaxy Note edge 2

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2 Specifications

The Note Edge2 will be far powerful device than Grand 3 as it will be one of the top class mobiles in Galaxy bucket. Before go in deep of specs of GALAXY Note Edge 2 Smartphone, here we are going to present some highlights of this Smartphone:

  • 5.7-inch display
  • 4K (4096 X 2160 resolution)
  • Android v6.0, TouchWiz
  • 3GB RAM, Snapdragon 810 SoC
  • 32GB Internal Storage (MicroSD support)
  • 20 MP primary camera
  • 5 MP front camera
  • v4.0 Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
  • 3500 mAh battery

So, these are some expected specifications for next Galaxy Note Edge.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge2 Rumors

Last year Note Edge is launch just after the release of Note 4 and people are also taking this Note Edge 2 as an edge version of Note 5 which is launch recently. So, there can be a chance that Samsung may announce Note 5 Edge or Galaxy Note Edge2 soon this year or at MWC Event which is scheduled for Feb 2016.

samsung galaxy note edge2

Galaxy Note Edge2 can have Eye Sensing technology:

Yes, Note Edge 2 is rumoured to have eye scanner sensors and fingerprint sensors. But still we don’t think it will have both. Although we can expect fingerprint sensors this time but eye scanning is assumed to remain a rumour until Samsung make an official announcement.

The 3D camera, the phone is also rumoured to have it. Yes, Note Edge can have a 3D camera as its future of next generation mobile devices and Samsung is one of the best when it comes to innovations. Also, the camera features of Note Edge 2 will include BRITECELL sensors which are more powerful when it comes to taking images in low lights.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2 Price

The phone is going to have a low price as compared to its high-end specifications. Note Edge 2 with premium quality built up, more curved design and powerful specs will cost you around 750 USD.
You can check up Galaxy Note Edge 2 country wise price from below:

Country NameGalaxy Note Edge 2 Price
Note Edge2 price in USA750 USD
Note Edge2 price in United Kingdom502 Pounds
Note Edge2 price in India49900 INR
Note Edge2 price in China4799 Yuan
Note Edge2 price in Canada1000 CAD
Note Edge2 price in Dubai (UAE)2754 Dirham

Samsung Galaxy Edge 2 Release date

Earlier this year, the phone is rumoured to get announce around November 2015, but it’s not happening as we are now very close to New Year. Now expecting Note Edge2 in January is also not feasible as Samsung is going to announce Galaxy S7 Series in Jan 2016.

So, When Samsung will release Galaxy Note Edge 2?

Well, why you guys are forgetting that Mobile World Congress it going to held between 22-25 Feb. And it is going to be a really big event for Samsung, as they are going to announce Note Edge 2 there. So, Galaxy Note Edge 2 will be available around March 2nd week in the market. It’s certain that Samsung will make it to MWC 2016, but their are also rumours that Samsung may not release Note Edge 2 in future. But we do not have any official report till now. We will update you with more details as soon. So, stay tuned with us and also join our facebook and Google+ page for latest news of Galaxy Smartphone’s.

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