Samsung Galaxy S8 & Galaxy S8+ Pre Orders and Buying Guide

Samsung has recently announced their 2017 flagship on March 29 with Galaxy S8 and S8+ smartphones. Both phones offer extremely powerful features. So, if you are really in mind to buy a new smartphone it can be one that full fill all your needs. Pre-Orders for Galaxy S8 has begun now and it will be available by April 21 in the market. This year Samsung has also introduced few more colors to its flagship. This is Galaxy S8 buying guide for helping you in choosing the best model for you.

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Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ Pre-Order offers:

If the new infinity display of Galaxy S8 and bezel-less design admires you then don’t wait a lot to make your mind. Pre – ordering a Galaxy S8 phone will help you to grab the impressive deal from Samsung. All you have to do is pre-order an S8 or S8+ and submit the proof of Purchase to Samsung. You will get a new Gear VR, a 256 GB Micro SD card and premium AKG headphone for free. So, it almost a $530 USD freebie that company is offering to its customers.

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We are also going to give details on “Where you can pre-order Galaxy S8” and what are offers.

Where can you Pre-order Galaxy S8 & S8+ smartphone?

Both phones are launched in the US right now and will go on sale globally by next month. These devices come with 64GB internal Storage. Currently, all 4 mobile carriers in the US are taking pre-orders. You can check more details of S8 offers below:

Verizon Wireless: Preorder for Galaxy S8 and S8+ at Verizon has started from 12:01 Eastern time and will go until April 20. Talking about the pricing at Verizon:

  • Galaxy S8 @ $30 for 24 Months ($720 USD)
  • Galaxy S8+ @ $35 for 24 Months ($840 USD)

T-Mobile: It offers a flexible bond, starting at $25 for SG8 and $28.24 for SG8+ with 30 months bond. People can also try for 36 / 24 months plans as well.

AT & T: With At&T, Demand customers can grab you Galaxy S8 or S8+ without any down payment. Pre-order price for these smartphone starts at $30 / month over a 2-year long bond.

PS: Apart from the above option, you can also get this smartphone via BestBuy or MetroPCS. The phone will go for sales by April 21 for the public at price of $729 USD.

Samsung galaxy s8 variants

Buying Guide for Galaxy S8 & S8+

As per the official specs of Galaxy S8 & S8+, both devices has pretty similar specifications and main difference comes in display size. Galaxy S8 comes with 5.8-inch large display whereas S8+ will have a 6.2-inch large display. Both phones offer new Infinity Display which offers rich colors and best viewing angles you have ever seen in a smartphone.

Who can buy Galaxy S8 & S8+?

Well if you approximately 800$ to spend on a smartphone then you pretty much in condition to pre-order Galaxy S8. It’s amazingly fast smartphone with Snapdragon 835 / Exynos 8895 variant with beautiful design.

It will suit best for new generation gamers, business mans and people who are on the job. Well, this means anyone can have it. Samsung has made this phone for any age group. But we recommend you to buy this phone only if you can take good care of it and using Edge AMOLED display phone invite more dangerous in accidental cases. We got some personal review over Galaxy S7 Edge from one our colleague.

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According to him, the phone is perfect but after using it for 6 months, he discovered some tiny scratches over the display. And also once he had been through a small accident in which S7 Edge display complete wrecked up. But thank god he has already ensured the device. So, big saving for him.

When will Galaxy S8 & S8+ Unlocked variant will come?

If you don’t want to go with any of the above carriers, then you may need to wait a bit more. Samsung has not announced anything regarding the UNLOCKED version of S8 & S8+. But seeing BestBuy it looks like they will sell unlocked variants from May 9 as they already have pages for that.

We are going to update you with more details and offer for pre-ordering Galaxy S8 & S8+ here. So, do bookmark us and if you have any suggestion then feel free to leave your comments. Also if you found us informative then do like and share us from below social buttons.

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